issue 4 (page 9)

snow monster

at night
i feel as if the waiting
will never end

this windowsill
is too cold
i don’t see how
things will ever be okay
after what’s happening

can we meet somewhere
in my bed?
drive over and park
on the street
knock twice
i’ll be upstairs
the door should be
it always is

meet me in my bedroom
join me in this bed
write love songs with me
on this college-ruled
notebook paper
i promise that i won’t
cross out
any of your lyrics

my bedspread is electric
we can be warmer
than god will permit us
please sleep
i’ve never been this tired
matt margo is the author of WHEN EMPURPLED (Pteron Press, 2011) and TWO TITLES (white sky books, 2011).  a full catalog of his publications can be found at